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We advise and represent victims of aviation accidents against airlines, manufacturers, maintenance contractors, component suppliers or any other party responsible for the catastrophic consequences of a plane crash.  Although airplane crashes are extremely rare, they do happen. When a major airline disaster occurs, the federal government provides support services to the families of victims and to survivors. Those families and survivors may also be able to bring various legal claims against the airline, aircraft and parts manufacturers, and others, depending on what caused the crash.

As air traffic increases, so does the risk that passengers will be involved in of an aviation accident. Generally, air traffic is considered a safe means of transportation. But when aviation accidents do occur they often result in fatalities. Smaller, less serious accidents involving private aircraft are more frequent than people realize, because many of these incidents go unreported in the media.  If you have suffered injury or the death of a loved one due to an aviation accident, it can be a difficult to know where to turn. Consider having an aviation accident attorney do a free evaluation of your case here.  Should you and our attorney decide to pursue a legal claim after an aviation accident, the potentially liable (legally responsible) parties can vary depending on the cause of the accident. The owner and operator of an aircraft certainly may be liable; manufacturers or maintenance suppliers may be liable in certain circumstances; even the federal government may bear some responsibility for an aircraft accident.

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