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Practicing as a personal injury lawyer for over 20 years Neil Weissman has extensive experience in every type of injury case there is.


We try cases; we do not just settle.

Nassau County and Suffolk County have the highest percentages of New York auto accidents.

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident, slip and fall at a local business, product malfunction, or other type of unexpected event, you are likely focusing on getting the medical help you need to recover. If a family member or close friend was involved in the accident, you may be working to provide help for them and shoulder some of the burden of daily life. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer in Long Island might be the last thing you feel like doing, but failing to do so could have serious consequences on your ability to pay medical bills and recover with your future intact. With a history of assisting Nassau and Suffolk County clients in similar situations to yours, Neil Weissman is prepared to give you the compassionate, qualified legal service that you need during this difficult period.

Defending Your Rights

Following an injury-causing event, a check from the responsible insurance company can look very inviting. Sadly, the initial offer is often far too low to cover expenses, because insurance providers know that victims desire to settle the matter and put it behind them as soon as possible. They also rely on the fact that most victims greatly underestimate just how much their recovery will cost them. Hospital bills make up a large part of the total cost, but you must also take into account future rehab, continuing professional care, lost wages, and other related expenses. Your Long Island attorney will help you accurately anticipate these costs and make sure that your settlement is sufficient to cover them.

Finding Out Whether You Qualify

Many times, victims of injury do not realize that they have a case for a personal injury lawsuit. By describing your experience in detail to your lawyer, you will give the opportunity to personal injury attorney in long island to analyze the case and tell you honestly whether legal action is likely to win you fair compensation. If you are in danger of receiving an insufficient insurance payment, Neil Weissman will take your case, negotiating for a fair settlement or taking the issue into the courtroom if necessary. With us on your side, you can rest assured that everything possible is being done to fight for your rights.


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