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Railroad workers are fatally injured at about twice the rate of the average American worker. Railroad yards can be dangerous places. Workers may be subjected to long hours, strenuous activity, and challenging physical labor.  Most workers don’t spend much time thinking about what would happen if they were injured on the job until they actually suffer an injury. But here is something to think about: almost every private employee in the United States can collect workers’ compensation for an on the job injury, but employees of interstate railroad companies cannot.

Railroad workers face dangerous work conditions and a number of occupational hazards. Fortunately, the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) provides railroad workers with certain rights and protections. Under FELA, railroad companies are required to enforce safety regulations, provide adequate training and supervision, and refrain from applying unreasonable work quotas. If an employer fails to adhere to the regulations and a worker is injured as a result, the injured employee may bring a FELA claim against the company. A successful lawsuit under FELA can allow an injured worker to receive compensation for his or her medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering.   The Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) is a law passed by the government in 1908 to protect railroad workers injured in railroad accidents.  Designed to calm public anger over the devastating injuries and loss of life on the rails, the law gives engineers, brakemen, switchmen and other railroad employees the right to sue for on-the-job injuries in state or federal courts.  Over the years the railroad law has been strengthened, both by Congress and U.S. Supreme Court decisions, to provide real protection to injured railroad employees.

As a railroad worker, if you have an accident or are injured on the job, you have rights under the federal law known as FELA or the Federal Employers’ Liability Act.  Neil WEISSMAN Firm have been helping injured railroad workers protect their rights under the FELA for nearly two decades.  The FELA enables injured railroad workers to bring claims directly against the railroads where it can be shown that the railroad’s negligence caused the injury.  Negligence is defined as the railroad’s failure to exercise reasonable care in its obligation to provide railroad workers a safe place to work.  An injury could be the result of not providing a safe place to work, proper tools and equipment to do the job, or adequate help or training.  A FELA lawsuit must be filed within three years of the date of the injury.  You should seek legal counsel and advice at the earliest opportunity if you believe you have a potential FELA case.  Remember, the railroad claim agent is just that – an agent for the railroad.  Our lawyers are your representatives.  We protect your rights.

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