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Slip and fall cases are a type of personal injury litigation known as premises liability, which includes injuries that occur due to negligence, poor maintenance, icy and unsalted sidewalks, dangerous conditions, or unsafe locations owned by a person, company or organization different from the victim. Fortunately, legal recourse is available for those who suffer injuries through no fault of their own.  If you have been injured in this way, first consider that it is a normal part of living for things to fall on or to drip onto a floor or the ground, and for smooth surfaces to become uneven. Also, some things put in the ground — drainage grates, for example — serve a useful purpose there. So a property owner (or occupier) cannot always be held responsible for immediately picking up or cleaning every slippery substance on a floor. Nor is a property owner always responsible for someone slipping or tripping on something that an ordinary person should expect to find there or should see and avoid. We all have an obligation to watch where we’re going.

Who is responsible for an injury resulting from a slip and fall accident? Many thousands of people are injured each year — some very seriously — when they slip or trip and fall on a dangerous floor, a flight of stairs, or a rough patch of ground. Sometimes the property owner is responsible for the accident, and sometimes he or she is not.  Talking with a slip and fall attorney in New York who specializes in slip and fall accidents is the best way to determine if you have a case and to understand what crucial steps you may need to take to ensure you get the money you deserve.  At Neil Weissman Firm, an experienced New York personal injury lawyer will help you secure full and fair compensation if you have been harmed in an accident due to safety violations, dangerous conditions, and other situations that result in premises injury.  If you are in need of a reputable attorney with extensive trial and mediation experience with slip and fall cases in NY, we stand ready to fight for your rights.

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